Topics of Interest

The following is a list, in no particular order, of possible topics:

  • Buddhist ethics–is killing ever okay?
  • Thoughts on reading Viktor Frankl
  • Silverman-McFarland debate (2017)
  • Meaning vs present focus
  • A cat’s nature–the purpose of your pet
  • Killing mice to cure cancer
  • The arbitrariness of meaning.  People derive meaning from religion just as much as games; the artificiality of rules; religion as a virtual reality game.  Meaning can be totally disconnected from reality.
  • Prejudice against altered states of consciousness, especially from the government.  Standard assumption is that white, middle-class Euro-American is correct, accepted state of consciousness (i.e. reality).  This connects to Descartes’ craving for certainty.
  • Suffering as the foremost reality for human experience.  Descartes’ cogito.  He was right about “I think” but wrong after than.
  • Carrot & stick of pleasure & pain